Expertise in the Intricacies of the Elbow

The elbow allows us to perform a multitude of tasks, from lifting objects to playing sports. However, when injury or disease affects this vital joint, it can lead to significant pain and loss of function. That's where elbow repair comes in.

Specialized Care

Elbow repair is a specialized field of orthopedic surgery focused on restoring the function and mobility of the elbow joint. This may involve repairing injured tendons, ligaments, or bones, treating arthritis, or even replacing the joint entirely in severe cases. Given the complexity of the elbow structure and the precision required in these procedures, it is essential to entrust your care to a specialist like Dr. Mencias, who has significant experience and expertise in the field. His vast experience and deep understanding of the elbow's intricate anatomy have seen him successfully treat countless patients, restoring their quality of life.

Dr. Mencias's contributions extend beyond his clinical practice. He is a recognized authority in complex elbow reconstruction, having shared his knowledge and advanced techniques at national meetings. As an instructor at national courses, he has trained other surgeons in the art and science of elbow surgery, furthering the field's knowledge and capability.

His expertise is acknowledged by the wider orthopedic community. He has served as a consultant for multiple large orthopedic companies, contributing his insights to the development of educational materials and implant devices. This work has helped shape the tools and techniques used in elbow surgery today.